Identifying Key Supplements for Private Labeling: A Practical Guide for Health Professionals

As health professionals navigate the transition to private labeling dietary supplements, the selection of products to brand as their own is a pivotal decision. This guide shifts focus towards a strategic approach, emphasizing the direct benefits to your practice from such a move. Let's explore how to pinpoint the right supplements for private labeling, ensuring both profitability and patient satisfaction.

The Strategic Advantage of Your Existing Supplement Recommendations

Transitioning from utilizing supplement dispensaries to stocking and selling products directly can significantly amplify your profit margins. The convenience of dispensaries is overshadowed by their lower payout rates and the missed opportunity to benefit from manufacturer quantity discounts. Direct sales through your own online store not only offer a 30-50% increase in profit on the same sale but also secure customer loyalty by making you the exclusive source for these products.

The Rule of Twelve: Identifying Your Best Sellers

A key strategy in selecting products for private labeling is applying the "Rule of Twelve." By analyzing your sales over the past 30 and 90 days, you can identify which products have consistently sold 12 or more units in a month. This approach offers several advantages:

  1. Exclusivity: Becoming the sole provider of a product significantly boosts reorder rates.
  2. Zero Financial Risk: The existing demand ensures that your stock will sell, eliminating inventory risk.
  3. Enhanced Margins: Quantity discounts and setting your own prices in a competition-free environment improve profitability.
  4. Direct Manufacturer Relationships: This can lead to better terms and support over time.
  5. Proper Compensation for Representatives: Direct sales ensure that representatives are adequately compensated, addressing the variance in compensation policies among manufacturers when products are sold through distributors.

Focusing on these proven products allows for a safe and strategic entry into private labeling, mitigating risk and ensuring demand.

Streamlining Your Product Offerings

Beyond the initial selection, consolidating your product offerings and aligning with fewer brands can further streamline your operations. Successful practices often limit their inventory to fewer than 100 key products, maximizing manufacturer discounts and simplifying inventory management. This focused approach not only makes logistical sense but also ensures that your products meet the specific needs of your practice and patient base.

Overcoming Operational Hurdles

Operational challenges, such as the logistics of running an online store or the hassle of daily shipments, can deter practitioners from embracing private labeling. Kaerwell Fulfillment addresses these concerns head-on. We offer a custom, almost no maintenance Shopify store setup for a very low one-time fee, empowering you to sell both private labeled and other products with ease. Our warehousing and fulfillment services, devoid of receiving or storage fees and with a straightforward per-order fee, remove the logistical burden, making it easier than ever to manage your private label venture. These solutions tremendously simplify the operational aspect of private labeling, allowing you to focus on patient care and product selection.

Choosing the Right Manufacturing Partners

Partnering with reputable manufacturers who adhere to FDA cGMP standards is crucial for the success of your private label line. Generally, looking at any of the top health professional grade brands will provide you with plenty of good options. These partners ensure product quality and reliability, maintaining the trust you've built with your patients.


For health professionals considering private labeling, selecting the right products is crucial. By focusing on proven best-sellers, streamlining your offerings, and leveraging strategic partnerships, you can significantly enhance both profitability and patient satisfaction. Private labeling offers an opportunity to further personalize your practice, ensuring that the products you recommend and sell reflect the quality and care patients expect from you.

Written by kaerwell

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