Kaerwell makes the dispensing of professional grade supplements online to your patients simplified!

Here is how our free dispensary solution will help your practice grow

Improve Compliance

Improve convenience and patient outcomes by having everything you recommend in one place. Features like SMS ordering, autoreminders and free shipping make it easy.

Reduce Overhead

Simplify your in-office inventory. Try new products without the added inventory. Choice to only carry the products you use most in your office.

Improve Cash Flow

Improved compliance and reduced overhead will result in a healthier practice and better patient care. Invest in growing your practice, not in managing inventory.

Free Up Staff Time

Save staff time and money from inventory management. From stocking to fulfillment – Kaerwell handles it all. Our highly praised customer service team will make sure your patients are satisfied.

Kaerwell Complete Dispensary

Truly Complete Dispensary

Stop losing sales by sending your patients to multiple platforms to purchase their supplements. Kaerwell offers over 300 trusted professional brands for your selection.

Even with that many choices, we realize your practice is unique. Kaerwell understands the importance of keeping your treatment protocols unchanged and not having to resort to making product substitutions to fit within our product list. If we don’t have your favorite brand available, Kaerwell will make every effort to make it available – even if it is just for you!

That’s a promise!

Kaerwell’s innovative stack of practitioner solutions are powerful when used alone but even better when used together!

The only truly educational dispensary

Focus on growing your practice with the largest database of integrative educational events combined with a fully integrative, free, easy-to-use dispensary.

Easily search for any educational topic from a wealth of information provided by all the leading educators and trusted brands.

Then with a click of a button add your preferred products or protocols to your dispensary to make them available to your patients.

Your Practitioner Solution Stack Includes:

Upcoming Educational Events

Easily stay informed and never miss an event by the brands you trust. Completely free.

On-Demand Webinars

Have fun exploring a large database of events searchable by what interests you most.

Free Patient Dispensary

Instantly implement your knowledge without investing in additional inventory.

Welcome to the leading education and practice implementation platform!

You are just clicks away from free access to the largest database of on-demand professional events and their associated products and protocols!

The All-in-One Platform You And Your Patients Will Actually Use

Truly Customized Store

Offer only the products you recommend in your practice and nothing more. It calls for a much nicer patient experience and better compliance.

Branded to You

Your dispensary will look like a natural extension of your practice. Fully branded to you, not to us. It will have your logo, address and practice information.

Complete Dispensary

Choose from over 1,000 professional brands available and growing daily. We can fulfill your Private Label products too.

Free tools

Kaerwell provides printed customized script pads, patient referral cards and waiting room materials to make referring to
your dispensary easy.

Private Label Fulfillment

The only dispensary that can fulfill your private labeled products too. Easy and turnkey.

True SMS Ordering

Established patients can simply text their order. It is as easy as “Send me another bottle of D3”!

Cold Things Cold

To protect quality all refrigerated items are shipped in insulated CoolShield bags with ice packs. USPS 2 to 3 day shipping gets them delivered fast.

Fast Free Shipping

Free shipping over $100. Nationwide shipping via USPS Priority Mail on all orders – small and large. One centralized location.

No Cost To You

It is free, simple and easy. No contracts to tie you down or minimum use requirements.

Industry Innovation Leader

Our vision and experience drives innovation by understanding and anticipating your needs helping you stay on top.

Easy Educational Implementation

The largest database of integrative educational events combined with fully integrated free easy-to-use dispensary allows your practice to truly grow.

Industry’s Best Reporting

Real time, simple and intuitive. Multi-practitioner reporting for the practices that need it. We also provide
reporting to your trusted brands so your reps get credit!

Start Growing With a Kaerwell Dispensary Today

Joining the leading integrative educational and practice implementation dispensary has never been easier. It is also simple and free.

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