Patient Login Instructions

Here is how to order the supplements and products recommended by your practitioner:

First time ordering: Go to your practitioner’s dispensary using the link they shared with you. Register using your email address and access code provided by your practitioner.

Existing customers: Search for an email titled “Welcome to Kaerwell! Important Account Information”. That contains your login information.

Call or email our customer service team at 888-301-9009 or They will be happy to help you find the correct dispensary link or take your order.

Health Professional Login Instructions

Dispensary Login

To open an account with Kaerwell, go here. If you are an established health professional looking to login your Kaerwell dispensary account, here are the ways you can find and login your account:

Search for the welcome email you received from us titled “Welcome to Kaerwell! Important Dispensary Information”. That contains your login link and credentials.

Call our customer success team at 888-301-9009 option 2, or email They will be happy to assist you.

Events Login

At Kaerwell we have established the largest upcoming and on-demand educational events library to help you search and find protocols applicable to your practice. You get complimentary access as part of your dispensary registration. To login:

Go to and login using your email and password you selected at registration.

Search your email for an email titled “Your Kaerwell On-Demand Events Login”. You can also call 888-301-9009 or email