Supplements Private Labeling

Supplements Private Labeling 101: What Everyone Should Know

Private Labeling | October 21st, 2020

Any health professional or an influencer looking to create their own brand should be private labeling. As practitioners are losing sales and reorders to Amazon and other similar platforms, more and more of them are looking at private labeling to protect their practices.

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The Case For Supplements Only Through Your Healthcare Practitioner

Patient Education | October 21st, 2017

As much as we all feel as experts after spending 15 minutes on Google, the fact is that it takes a much more in-depth knowledge to determine what supplement we should take. Just the way we don’t try to figure out what eye glass prescription we should have by starring at letters on the wall at home, we shouldn’t also try to pretend to know what we are doing at the supplement isle. Simply talk to your integrative healthcare practitioner – it is that simple.

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10 Tips for your Practice | COVID-19

Practice Improvement | September 9th, 2020

The biggest questions we have been getting from many of you are: What’s next? How should my practice handle patients in this new reality? How will COVID-19 impact my patient volume? I sold out through everything – how to best plan my supplement inventory without under- or overstocking?

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How to Start Selling Supplements in Your Office

Practice Improvement | September 16th, 2020

This is the first of series of publications aimed at helping you build a financially successful practice filled with satisfied patients and a high level of care. Today we will focus on the right way to start selling dietary supplements into your practice.

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3 Ways to Improve Patient Supplement Compliance and Outcomes

Practice Improvement | September 16th, 2020

Integrative practices like yours are often faced with the following repeated scenario: A new patient comes in to see you, gets a thorough review of medical history, diagnosis and a treatment plan which includes dietary supplements.

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Upcoming Functional Medicine Events Feb 24 – Mar 8

Practitioner Education | September 16th, 2020

Here is the latest and most up-to-date list of the events coming up in the next two weeks. You can view the full calendar by going directly to the events page on our website. Browse, click and sign up directly with the event organizer.

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