Empowering Reps,
Advancing Together

It all began with a simple vision...

Give the power to brand so their customers can create and order their private labeled products in minutes over a cup of coffee in the morning, then print and ship it to them in the afternoon.

Now, that is a GAME CHANGER!

Our job is to give you an unfair advantage over other reps

Marketing tools

Leave behinds, conversation starters, postcards, fliers. Our constantly expanding toolkit is proven to generate results


Cutting edge software and technology to take you and your customers to the next level

PayBack Program

The more customers you help using our tools, the more customers we will send your way. It is a win/win/win!


Live and on-demand webinars plus strategic knowledge from unmatched expert perspective.

Overcome Dispensary Service Challenges

Address the limitations that hold your clients back with traditional dispensary services. Offer the control, customization, branding, and profitability that your customers need to stand out in a competitive market, setting a new standard for supplement sales.

Empower Your Practices Through Innovative Fulfillment Solutions

Discover how Kaerwell’s unique fulfillment and custom Shopify solutions offer an unmatched opportunity to revolutionize the way you support healthcare practitioners. Enhance your service offering with comprehensive solutions that streamline supplement sales and elevate client success.

Custom Online Stores for Every Practice

Elevate your clients’ online presence with fully customized Shopify stores designed by Kaerwell for a low one-time fee. These tailored solutions boost patient satisfaction, increase sales, and reinforce the unique branding of each practice, providing a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Unlock powerful growth with private labeling

Private labeling isn’t just a service; it’s a growth strategy. By advising your clients to adopt private labeling for their products, you’re opening the door to increased order sizes, enhanced brand loyalty, and substantial sales growth.
This approach allows clients to offer exclusive products that stand out in the competitive health and wellness market, reinforcing their brand identity and deepening patient relationship. Encourage your clients to leverage this powerful tool, with Kaerwell’s seamless fulfillment services supporting every step of the way. This strategic move not only elevates their brand but also solidifies your role as a pivotal partner in their success.

A Partnership That Pays Back

Join Kaerwell’s PayBack Program to enjoy the benefits of mutual growth. The more clients you refer, the more leads we direct your way, creating a cycle of success that benefits everyone involved.

Comprehensive Marketing Support for Every Occasion

Access an array of free, proven marketing tools including flyers, brochures, and conversation starters. Find the materials necessary to engage effectively and support your sales strategies.

Engage Clients with Ready-to-Go Email Campaigns

Get an annual marketing calendar, ensuring your clients are prepared for successful promotional activities throughout the year. Utilize ready-to-deploy email campaigns for all holidays and occasions to engage your customers and encourage them to connect with their patients, driving sales and fostering relationships.

Bi-Monthly Webinars for Practice Improvement

Benefit from Kaerwell’s non-branded educational webinars designed to engage and empower your customers with knowledge and strategies for enhancing their practices and achieving unprecedented growth.

Navigate Industry Challenges like an Expert

Tap into Kaerwell’s deep market expertise to navigate the health and wellness industry’s challenges and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring your customers always have a competitive edge. Use strategic insights and data provided by Kaerwell to make informed decisions, driving their practices forward with precision and foresight.

A Network Committed to Growth and Innovation

By partnering with Kaerwell, you are joining a thriving community of professionals dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and the success of healthcare practices, ensuring a prosperous future for all involved.