Supplements Private Labeling 101: What Everyone Should Know

What is private labeling?

Private labeling is putting your label on a product you like.  That means the product would have your logo, the name you choose, and it will look like you are the one who formulated and produced it.  Most major dietary supplement manufacturers offer this as a service and will do it for you without any extra fees.  They will also help you design, print and apply the label so it matches the look and feel you are looking to accomplish.  All you would do is simply purchase a minimum of 24 bottles of a product through most companies that private label.

Who should consider private labeling?

Any health professional or an influencer looking to create their own brand should be private labeling.  As practitioners are losing sales and reorders to Amazon and other similar platforms, more and more of them are looking at private labeling to protect their practices.  That also applies to any health practitioner who is currently selling more than 12 units of any product in a month.  Having that volume ensures that you will be able to sell whatever products you are deciding to private label. 

Influencers are entering the private label space big time!  From social media personalities to fitness celebrities to serial entrepreneurs, they are all looking at private labeling as a great and easy way to create a supplement brand without the large upfront inventory cost of custom manufacturing.

What are the main benefits of private labeling?

Flexibility and sales growth are the two main benefits why most people decide to private label.  Private labeling will not only add a layer of exclusivity to the supplements you are recommending but also will protect and easily double your existing supplement sales.  It will do so by eliminating Amazon and other similar channels and making you the only source for the supplements you recommend. Here is a quick list of some of the top benefits:

  • Exclusive to you or your practice
  • Eliminating Amazon and other competing sales channels drastically increasing reorders
  • Full control over the name, look and feel of the products
  • Full control over the retail price allowing you to implement many different sales strategies
  • Ability to market and sell the products to anyone without the confines of MAP agreements, login requirements and many other restrictions.
  • Very low cost to get started.  Most times the only cost is the actual wholesale cost of the products.

How do I get started with private labeling?

If you are a health professional already recommending supplements, then look into what you are already recommending and selling.  Any products you sell more than 12 units per month are good candidates.  We recommend you contact those companies to inquire about their private label program. 

If your favorite brands do not private label or you are newer to selling supplements, then look at any of the big professional brands that have a private label program.  Brands like Designs For Health, DaVinci Labs, NuMedica, Allergy Research Group, Klaire Labs and others offer a large diversity of high quality supplements and have well established private label programs.  They will handhold you through the process.  Kaerwell works with all of them and our team will be happy to help you select a good match for your needs as well.

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