Expose your brand message to over 40,000 functional medicine practitioners

Kaerwell is growing, and it is growing fast! Healthcare professionals love our new events platform and they love working with our friendly team.  They can sense we are a new type of company here to support them on their journey to practice better medicine.

As our brand partner, we leverage our relationship to reach more practitioners and help them to be more effective.  In the spirit of that relationship we will post all of your upcoming educational webinars and seminars on our website at no cost to you.  As you event gets closer, it will be highlighted in our weekly newsletter to all of our subscribers!

Once your event is past, you are welcome to send us the recording.  We will make it available and easily searchable for any verified healthcare professional to view on their own time.There is no cost to you whatsoever!

We have solved the issue of post-educational implementation

Here is a familiar story.  Your team puts together an outstanding weekend seminar or a webinar.  You have great attendance and they all love the information you are sharing.  Everyone is excited to apply your case studies in their practice.  Then Monday comes around.  Routines go back into place and with the exception of a few, most go about their week as usual.  Nothing truly changed.

Our events platform and Click-to-Add feature solves this.  They make it easy to learn what you are teaching and put the associated products on the practitioners’ shelves.  Now they can simply browse through any of your recorded webinars or seminars, download any associated product information or protocols, and with a click of a button add your products to their online patient-direct dispensary. 

The reaction to this new way of learning and implementation has been nothing short of sheer excitement.  It is instantaneous, convenient, effective, simple and free!