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Kaerwell is a brand new type of company, built from the ground up with your needs in mind

Our tools and solutions are designed to help you grow your brand

Expose your brand message to over 40,000 functional medicine practitioners

Kaerwell is growing, and it is growing fast! Healthcare professionals love our new events platform and they love working with our friendly team.  They can sense we are a new type of company here to support them on their journey to practice better medicine.

As our brand partner, we leverage our relationship to reach more practitioners and help them to be more effective.  In the spirit of that relationship we will post all of your upcoming educational webinars and seminars on our website at no cost to you.  As you event gets closer, it will be highlighted in our weekly newsletter to all of our subscribers!

Once your event is past, you are welcome to send us the recording.  We will make it available and easily searchable for any verified healthcare professional to view on their own time.There is no cost to you whatsoever!

We have solved the issue of post-educational implementation

Here is a familiar story.  Your team puts together an outstanding weekend seminar or a webinar.  You have great attendance and they all love the information you are sharing.  Everyone is excited to apply your case studies in their practice.  Then Monday comes around.  Routines go back into place and with the exception of a few, most go about their week as usual.  Nothing truly changed.

Our events platform and Click-to-Add feature solves this.  They make it easy to learn what you are teaching and put the associated products on the practitioners’ shelves.  Now they can simply browse through any of your recorded webinars or seminars, download any associated product information or protocols, and with a click of a button add your products to their online patient-direct dispensary. 

The reaction to this new way of learning and implementation has been nothing short of sheer excitement.  It is instantaneous, convenient, effective, simple and free!

No special distributor discounts. None. Whatsoever.

That’s right – the title was not a typo.  All we need is the ability to purchase from you at normal wholesale prices through a normal practitioner type account.  If you are already extending quantity discounts to your practitioners – great, we will take them!  If not, no problem at all. 

We will happily fit in with whatever you are currently doing.  No need for any special distributor discounts.  After all, why should we ask for anything more?  You are the one creating and driving the demand with your educational efforts and functional medicine consultant teams.  We don’t expect you to pay for our expenses too!  Our customer is the practitioner and we are here to serve their needs by creating online patient dispensaries with the products they request. 

It is that simple!

Access code protection ensuring brand and practitioner exclusivity

We take this part very seriously!  We value the special relationship between practitioners and their patients.  We also understand all the efforts you put into protecting that relationship by ensuring the practitioner exclusivity of your products. 

To enter a store, all patients need to first register using an access code provided by their healthcare provider.  In fact, patients cannot even view the dispensary’s product mix and prices until they complete that step.  That is our way of protecting the practitioner exclusivity and ensuring only verified patients can order.  We never retail directly – a patient sale must go through a healthcare practitioner or it doesn’t happen at all. 

As a family-owned and operated company, at Kaerwell we develop deep relationships and know our customers.  That makes it easy for us to spot any possible irregularities and quickly address them.  We are proud of the fact that for the past 4 years since we opened doors, not even one product has made it out to the open market through us.  We intend to keep this record. 

That’s a promise!

Real-time sales reporting with full visibility

Welcome to the best reporting in the industry!  From day one, you will have full access into our system for the sales of your products.  At any point, you can log in and simply run a report to see which ones of your practitioners are recommending which ones of your products.  After all, why should we keep this information private?  They are our common customers and you deserve to have this information just as much as we do. 

This visibility also applies to your sales reps.  They should know what their customers are doing in their respective territories.  That helps them provide the proper support and not walk into a practice having to guess.  Our real time reporting system allows to properly allocate the credit of all sales while building trust across all levels.

Knowledge is power.  Kaerwell provides you with the tools you need to evaluate your educational efforts so you can put your resources where they are needed.  By having full transparency, the healthcare professional is the real winner.  When they win, everyone wins!

A Truly Unbiased Brand Partner and Ally

Kaerwell does not generate revenue through paid marketing initiatives and we don’t cross market.  Your competitors can’t buy their way into your brand’s customers through us.  We will not send a paid email promoting a brand or a product.  We will not list our top products implying the rest of the products available are somehow inferior.  Our customer service team will never recommend a practitioner uses one professional brand over another.  We will never have a similar products feature.

Why, you ask?  Because your customers are your customers. Period.  Because pooling your customers only takes the power away from you and gives it to us, infringing on your trust.  Your marketing efforts created the demand and your sales team has spent countless of hours building your customer base. Whether they came to Kaerwell on their own or through your team, our respect for our relationship with your brand is the same.  

As a distribution, education and a technology platform our job is to simply enable your customers to do more business with you.  We make it easier for them to work with you and to increase access to your products in a responsible way.  Your continuous efforts to expand the functional medicine market will continue to bring growth to us, and we have no right to cross market other brands simply because they may be willing to pay us to do so.  We are your brand partner and true ally!

At the end, it is all about our common customer’s choices

As much as we feel that Kaerwell is the perfect fit for your needs, we encourage you to work with all responsible professional dispensaries.  Practitioners will choose the dispensary they like the most, regardless of your brand’s preferences.  They will also select it with very little regard of the dispensary’s product mix. 

Most healthcare professionals recommend multiple brands and unless one brand represents the majority of their recommendations, they will not choose a dispensary based on that brand’s availability there.  If your product is not available on their chosen dispensary, they will simply offer alternatives to their patients.  It is a simple fact.

At the end of the day, it is about empowering our common customers in their choices.  It is about options done in a responsible way.  It is about changing the healthcare system for the better and improving the health of practices and patients.

Some of our trusted educational and implementation brand partners

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