A Truly Unbiased Brand Partner and Ally

Kaerwell does not generate revenue through paid marketing initiatives and we don’t cross market.  Your competitors can’t buy their way into your brand’s customers through us.  We will not send a paid email promoting a brand or a product.  We will not list our top products implying the rest of the products available are somehow inferior.  Our customer service team will never recommend a practitioner uses one professional brand over another.  We will never have a similar products feature.

Why, you ask?  Because your customers are your customers. Period.  Because pooling your customers only takes the power away from you and gives it to us, infringing on your trust.  Your marketing efforts created the demand and your sales team has spent countless of hours building your customer base. Whether they came to Kaerwell on their own or through your team, our respect for our relationship with your brand is the same.  

As a distribution, education and a technology platform our job is to simply enable your customers to do more business with you.  We make it easier for them to work with you and to increase access to your products in a responsible way.  Your continuous efforts to expand the functional medicine market will continue to bring growth to us, and we have no right to cross market other brands simply because they may be willing to pay us to do so.  We are your brand partner and true ally!