Real-time sales reporting with full visibility

Welcome to the best reporting in the industry!  From day one, you will have full access into our system for the sales of your products.  At any point, you can log in and simply run a report to see which ones of your practitioners are recommending which ones of your products.  After all, why should we keep this information private?  They are our common customers and you deserve to have this information just as much as we do. 

This visibility also applies to your sales reps.  They should know what their customers are doing in their respective territories.  That helps them provide the proper support and not walk into a practice having to guess.  Our real time reporting system allows to properly allocate the credit of all sales while building trust across all levels.

Knowledge is power.  Kaerwell provides you with the tools you need to evaluate your educational efforts so you can put your resources where they are needed.  By having full transparency, the healthcare professional is the real winner.  When they win, everyone wins!